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This is my atelier where I post original content that I created or had a hand in creating. It will mostly feature anthro/furry art, sometimes of the sinful nature and energetic video game styled music.

If you have any questions and inquiries, please do leave a question in my askbox.

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I decided draw some personal artwork for myself, so inspired by  Jessica and some her sketch art posts, I decided to just doodle without the goal of producing anything polished, and this was the result of it. It was a fun play-around with styles and methods.

So i saw the latest comic redesigns of Sally, and…..I wasn’t impressed. So I looked through the comic artist’s drafts and design notes and came up with this interpretation where she is an MMA fighter.

   Here it is, the coloured version. She is the main protagonist in one of the first stories I have ever written in my head. She was originally an Eurasian Red Squirrel and a complete sue, but over the years I have fleshed out her character slowly, giving her personality flaws, more distinct character traits, and nailing down the style of martial arts she uses. With it, and the context of the world built around her, it makes sense for her to be a Malabar Indian Squirrel which is a more recent development for her character.

   This latest change worked out really well for her design colour wise, because it maps pretty neatly to the Magenta/Cyan/Yellow complimentary triad with Red as a complimentary tertiary.

Nikki Dakimakura

image Nikki wanted one too after showing off the previous one on Twitter.

Her character is pretty adorable and I had a lot of fun doing this. I think I will be doing more of these as commissions from now on starting at $120 a piece.

Follow up on the previous Dakimakura image where I decided to do something simillar for Jessica/Lumi. I am not normally into hyper stuff, but I somehow had a lot of fun with this.

These are pretty fun to do, I should do more of these.

Spiked Tonic

Body/Muscle growth sequence of Sasha the big Lioness as a commission for Maloo. This has been a very fun sequence to do. Made some changes to the first image since it was last posted and so am posting it here again for completion’s sake.

Better known as Jessica Carmilla. Took a while to do this, but I am happy with his this turned out. Colours soon.

Freebie coloured sketches for (Left) and . (Right) It was a fun exercise.

Added wings on request. She now looks 10x cuter. :3c

For image

Started by this video the idea eventually evolved into me starting to sketch up 's character as a body pillow design. Her character is really fun to draw. :3

I decided to go with a different style of colouring and shading with this, in which the highlights are airbrushed on, with feathered cel-shading, and ambient reflections added. I think the result speaks for itself.