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This is my atelier where I post original content that I created or had a hand in creating. It will mostly feature anthro/furry art, sometimes of the sinful nature and energetic video game styled music.

If you have any questions and inquiries, please do leave a question in my askbox.

-Αρχή Χρύζ

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Some digital sketches.

Grand Astarte Arche

Inspired by the aesthetics of Orcs Must Die, I decided to give Arche a costume redesign, and give her a bladestaff as another weapon type that she uses. :3 

Random doodle of one of my 3 alter egos, Arche Kruz.

Holy Demon Arche

Sketch concept of Arche, this time with longer hair.

I guess I can consider this finished. :3

Digipaint exercise in progress. :3

So I have this idea of my characters/alter egos as Pokémon and what they would be like as such, so this sketch happened. Might probably fancy it up with stats, colouring and a list of moves.

Arche Angel - Leaping into Action

It’s finally complete! You can download the clean version in various desktop sizes here and the textured version here.

Arche Angel - Leaping into Action (Final WIP)

Final WIP snapshot before I can declare this completed. Did the reflections, extra shadows and godray effect. I am wondering if I should add some grunge texture overlay. The lightning will still be added in.

Progress update! (Arche Angel - Leaping into Action)

Getting closer to the end here. :D