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This is my atelier where I post original content that I created or had a hand in creating. It will mostly feature anthro/furry art, sometimes of the sinful nature and energetic video game styled music.

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These past days have been pretty busy for me, because I have acquired Rainmeter for my desktop. As a result, I have been learning to customize my Rainmeter skins and creating dock icons of my own to enhance my experience.

Here’s what my desktop looks like:

Desktop, powered by Rainmeter

Neat huh? Most of the dock icons are created by manipulating existing images in gimp. However, there is one icon in particular that stuck to mind in my journey to customize my work environment. It’s the Insamnity! 2 icon.

Insamnity! 2 Icon

Most of this has been created from scratch, because the app icon is way too small. I had to recreate it on my own. The logo was easy though, I just grabbed it from the Mod website.

You all, if you own Serious Sam 2, should do yourselves a favour and give that mod a try. It’s what makes the game worth having. Feel free to use the icon in your own docks too.

By the way, the desktop wallpaper is by Coyox. The guy does good stuff, check him out.