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This is my atelier where I post original content that I created or had a hand in creating. It will mostly feature anthro/furry art, sometimes of the sinful nature and energetic video game styled music.

If you have any questions and inquiries, please do leave a question in my askbox.

-Αρχή Χρύζ

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Sketches inspired by Ys 1&2 as well as Ys Oath in Felghana.

Durant Dahl - Sketch 01

Reviving a design of a long-neglected character of mine. Durant Dahl (Pronounced “Durandal” Hurr, hurr.) He’s a childhood friend, now a co-worker of Sharon Rastur. He works as a brute commander, commanding a regiment of troops who specialize in applying a very generous amount of elbow grease against opposition. He’s not particularly smart or skilled in combat, and often has to rely on Sharon’s more skillful hand to bust him out of bad situations. However he can dish out a lot of blunt-force trauma and can take a lot more abuse himself. His philosophy is that any problem can eventually be solved by brute-forcing it.