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This is my atelier where I post original content that I created or had a hand in creating. It will mostly feature anthro/furry art, sometimes of the sinful nature and energetic video game styled music.

If you have any questions and inquiries, please do leave a question in my askbox.

-Αρχή Χρύζ

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Weekend Sketchbook

Stuff I doodled over the weekend. I am still working on Mosperineech, so rest assured.

The first image is a portrait of one of my characters Jessica, based on this beautiful greyscale photograph. It is meant to be a value study and an experiment on a different shading style.

The second image is a quick doodle of a flying vehicle type of deal. Not much thought has been put into it.

Both sketches are done with a Pilot Croquis H 4mm lead holder pencil, then refined with Staedtler Mars Lumograph drafting pencils.